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In April 2023 the HTC course on High Temperature Corrosion will be held. The course consists of a 1-week intensive lecture period with two lab sessions and about 16 lectures. The course ends with a self-study period followed by a home exam. The lectures and labs will take place on Chalmers Campus, Gothenburg.

Lecture period: 17th of April 13:00 to 21st of April 12:00

The overall aim of this course is to provide an understanding if high temperature corrosion. It addresses the fundamentals of high temperature corrosion science and uses “real” corrosion cases in various applications as illustration. The course discusses concepts such as thermodynamics of gas/metal reactions, solid state diffusion, nucleation, defect chemistry and puts them into the context of high temperature corrosion.


Participants need to organize accommodation on their own. We have reserved a number of rooms at Hotel Poseidon (Storgatan 33, 411 38 Göteborg). Please use booking reference 232091 if you want to book a room there (Reservation is held until 17/3)

The Course is free of charge for employees at HTC members and PhD students at Chalmers. Deadline for registration 3/4.


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