8 May 2020News

Ph. D. student positions at HTC, interested?

3 Ph. D. student positions to seek

Interested in doing a Ph. D. at Chalmers?

We are now seeking 3 new Ph. D. students to work with us and strengthen our research the upcoming years. The positions are within:

  • 2 Ph. D. student positions on high temperature corrosion in combined heat and power plants using green fuels
  • 1 Ph. D. student position on metallic materials for fuel cells (SOFC)

Information about the research area
Material performance is one of the key barriers inhibiting the transition towards a more sustainable energy system. Material related problems limit lifetimes and reduce efficiencies, adversely affecting plant economy and consequently the utilization of green energy. To strengthen our research, we are looking for three PhD students: one PhD position is directed towards metallic materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and two positions are directed towards corrosion issues in combined heat and power plants using green fuels.

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