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    Towards a sustainable society.

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World-leading research on corrosion

The High Temperature Corrosion Centre HTC works in close collaboration with companies to create cost-effective materials for industrial processes and make Sweden’s energy system more eco-friendly.

Working for a greener future

The aim of HTC’s work is to create an understanding of why corrosion occurs, and help develop new, more suitable corrosion resistant materials. The research creates a framework in which findings are generalised and can be applied across a range of different industries.

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Participating research groups

Scientists from Chalmers University of Technology conduct research at HTC with help from scientists from the research institutes RISE and SWERIM. Together, they contribute with their cutting edge skills within the field of high-temperature corrosion.

The host university is Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. It is here the majority of the fundamental research into HTC takes place in high-tech laboratory environments.


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Fields where HTC’s corrosion research is applied today

  • CO2 neutral and CO2 negative emissions in CHP plants
  • The hydrogen society
  • Electrification of the industry
  • Energy storage


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“The High Temperature Corrosion Centre – HTC – has become one of the world’s leading research environments in its field. The goal is to make Sweden’s companies and academies more competitive internationally, which we do through a combination of research and practical application out among HTC’s member companies.”

– Jan Erik Svensson, Director at HTC and Professor at Chalmers University of Technology