High temperature corrosion in combustion and gasification of biomass and waste

Coordinator: Jan-Erik Svensson

Participating companies:

  • Sandvik Materials Technology
  • Outokumpu Stainless
  • Metso Power
  • Elforsk (representing Göteborg Energi, E.ON Sverige AB)

About the project

The project aims at the gasification technology which has recently gained a renewed attention due to ongoing projects in Sweden. Compared to gasification in Europe, Swedish gasification projects are targeting the biomass and waste as fuel instead of coal. Gasification of waste or biomass may result in several end uses such as production of heat and power, production of chemicals and production of SNG. There are certain differences in the environment compared to coal gasification such as lower levels of sulphur and higher levels of chlorides as well as a lower target pressure. The specific focus of the project is on materials selection in the reducing and chloride containing environment which is encountered in the application.

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